The spring storm season has kicked into high gear and it seems that there is a severe storm every other day. Of course, with severe weather comes the risk of damage to your home. It is important to know what to do in case your home is damaged by severe weather so that the repair process can begin without too much headache.


First, it is important to remain sheltered until you know that the storm has passed. It is recommended to stay away from windows and exterior walls during storms with high winds. Seek shelter in the basement or the most central room of your home if you do not have a basement. There is no need to risk your safety to fix damage in the middle of the storm. Please be mindful of the hazards that are present during a severe storm, such as down power lines, fallen tree limbs, hail, or even rising river/flood water levels.


Once the storm has passed, it is important to document the damage that has been caused by the storm. Be sure to take photos of the damaged area, before and after any temporary repairs are made. Photographs from multiple angles, from inside and outside, are important in order to show the extent of the damage. Claims representatives will appreciate all the information and documentation that you can provide them. While not guaranteed, providing more information at the beginning of the process may speed things along. Just remember, the more documentation that you can provide, the better.


Next, it is important to prevent future damage to your home. Some of the most common claims after a major storm are related to the roof. Damage to your roof may lead to water damage on the inside of your home. Usually this water damage can be prevented by placing a waterproof barrier over the damaged portion of your roof and a tarp may be the quickest way to prevent any further damage. Also, fallen trees are another common cause for making a claim. It may be necessary to contact a tree service in order to remove a tree from your home, in order to not cause more damage.


Finally, once the damage has occurred, you have photographed the damage, and have taken steps to prevent further damage, it is time to contact your insurance agent or the claims department of your insurance company. Here at Insurors Associates Southeast, we are happy to help you begin the claims process. After the claims process begins, you will be contacted by a claims representative or adjustor from your insurance company and they will guide you through the remainder of the process.

If you have any questions about the claims process or if your covered for certain damage, click here to contact one of our licensed agents today.