General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance, accompanied by your commercial property and workers compensation insurance policies, can help protect your business if you get sued for personal injury or property damage. A standard general liability policy will cover accidents or damages that occur on-site at your business, on a job site or as a result of using products or services sold by your company. Additionally, coverage’s can be designed to cover additional costs like attorney fees or court costs.

All businesses should protect themselves from accidents and injuries that could occur on their business property or other work sites. General Liability insurance coverage can help protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build from these disastrous and sometimes bankrupting expenses.

General Liability insurance has many different aspects and there are many different plan options. Our experienced agents can assist you in finding the plan that is best for both your business needs and budget. With the appropriate General Liability insurance plan in place, you can relax, enjoy life and sleep better when you go to bed at night.

Some businesses face a higher risk of accidents and injuries than others. We always provide a needs analysis of your business to help determine the best General Liability insurance plan that fit and address those needs.

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